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Teaching English


By learning to develop a great lesson, English language teachers give students the best opportunity to retain what they’ve learnt. On this course, you will look at four professional practices, share your own teaching experiences, and apply what you’ve learnt to your CPD.


You will learn to understand your students and build a rapport with them. You will explore the key factors to remember when planning lessons and courses, including using resources like technology and flashcards. You will also learn how to manage the lesson and keep your students engaged with your teaching methods.



What topics will you cover?

Understanding Learners

Learner motivation

Building rapport

Getting learners talking

Planning lessons and courses

Why and how do teachers plan lessons and courses.

What are the key factors to consider?

Identifying aims and stages in your own and others’ lessons.

Managing resources

Making the most of the resources available to you.

The role of technology.

Using flashcards and realia.

Boardwork, Sharing resources with others.

Managing the lesson

Factors that influence learning.

Teacher language and the use of L1.

Pair and group work.

Engaging learners.