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Documentary: How it Works? - Top 7 Best Episodes

The show is a documentary showing how common, everyday items are manufactured. We have gathered a list of Top 7 Episodes for you today. Enjoy!


● Episode 20 

- Recycled clothes: See how plastic bottles are turned into clothing 

- Euro coins: not just nice to look at but also designed to prevent counterfeiting 

- Parmesan: Not the pulverized stuff, but the great original 

- Cutlery: Simple look but lots of engineering is involved in the process


● Episode 22 

- Ice sculpture: Chainsaws and electric irons to create a masterpiece 

- Chilli sauce: Releasing pain signals and endorphins at the same time

- Slot machines: Take a look behind the flashy lights and spinning wheels

- Credit cards: Used for 124 billion pounds of spending the credit card is not something to be missed.


● Episode 23 

- Bicycle locks: to keep your bike where it belongs 

- Tea lights: these are mass produced for when it has to be nice and cosy 

- Avocado harvest: see where such delicious and healthy fruit come from 

- Wrapping Paper: When Christmas is coming this will be everywhere.


● Episode 27 

- Paper recycling: Every ton of recycled paper saves 17 trees 

- Mobile crane: The largest cranes in the world can cost 6.3 million pounds! 

- Cherry jam: There are recipes for jam that date back to Roman times. 

- Aalsmeer flower market: A tulip could sell for 300.000 pounds.


● Episode 29 

- Stretched limousines: How was made the worlds fastest stretched limousine? 

- Hiking boots: A pair of hiking boots that can charge your mobile phone

- Wall plugs: A 10-millimetre nylon wall plug safely suspends a quarter of a ton. 

- Towel dispensers: 18,500 kilometres of towel used to dry hands in toilets and washrooms across the UK!


● Episode 31 

- Fridge: A fridge with an internal webcam - users will be able to log on and see what to buy on the way home. 

- Bobsled: "Cool Runnings", one of the few films about bobsledding. 

- Wellington Boots: Rubber wellies were first mass-produced in Scotland. 

- Wheelie bins: UK homes and businesses produce more than 434 million tons of waste every year. At the rate, it would take just 2 hours to fill the Albert Hall.


● Episode 32 

- Fluorescent lights: If every UK home replaced 3 normal light bulbs with energy saving bulbs, we'd save enough power to light our streets for a whole year. 

- Garden tools: The world's largest garden spade is over 3 metres high and weighs almost 45 kilograms ... and it's made in Britain. 

- Toxic waste disposal: Scientist have found bacteria that consume toxic waste.

  • Nappies: On average, a baby will use 5000 disposable nappies during its life.